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Latest modifications :


Windows 8 Compatibility

Version 5.2 has been compatibility checked for WIndows 7 and Windows 8 / Metro using 32 and 64 Bit processors.



Version 5 international

Version 5.2 has been released now, get the Europe Edition V5 in our online shop. As a new city Madrid has been included to train Spanish traffic regulations as well.

Driving instructor, dialogs and user manual are available in English, French, German, and Dutch language. An up-to-date user manual in English language for our current version 5.2is available here now.



Navigation system and police game

A navigation system has eben added to the 3D Driving school.

Here you find city maps of our 3D envirnment:

        Gobesdorf / Chambival / Ledebeek / Edudorp
        Motorway, country-road, Paris, London, Ghent, Madrid and Berlin

08 Service Pack 3c
A new Service Pack 3c is ready. It is compatible to all national and international editions. You may download it if you have a version lower that 3.1.6.

An new English version demo 3.1 can be found in our download area. These are the first two exercises form our Europe-Edition.

06 Internationalisation

The new version 3.1 is released. It is now possible to adopt the local traffic rules for the first 10 exercises.
Traffic signs, traffic-lights, cars, and rules may be selected for the countries France, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Additionally our driving instructors can speak in three different languages: ENGLISH / FRENCH / GERMAN.

New cars please!

Now available - we have complete a set of new cars. Please vist our Beta-Test Forum 2.6. All updates are compatible to all language versions.

The cars have now transparent glasses. You can see the drivier through them. Additionally there are a lot of enhancements (better signalling, better player vehicle etc.).

Enjoy it!.

Coming soon:
Beginning with version 2.3 we will support only Microsoft/Direct-X 8.1 interface. This is due to porting the 3D drving-school/Super Auto-école 3D onto a new 3D-rendering engine. Since we still support only Pentium systems we hope that this update will work fine on AMD-Athlon boards too. Non-Direct-X 8.1 user will still get support for their Version 2.0-2.2 systems (but only on Intel/Pentium processors).


Unfortunately the scores will be cleared when executing our update. This is due to an internal mechanism in the underlying 3D engine. We actually have a new version 2.2 (Service Pack 1) in which scoring will stay compatible for all new versions, patches, and plugins.

02 Bugfixings:
For Version 2.0 User (Click-and-Go-Version) please find here bugfixings and new features.
01 Free-Update:
From our friend the popular fly Bzik als driving-instructor No. 6.